These rules have been established to protect passengers and crew.




According to the MTSA Security Act, all vehicles and passengers are subject to search. Failure to consent to the search will result in denial to board the ferry.




There is no dumping of trash on the ferry decks or in the water. Discharging oil, trash or other debris into the water is prohibited by law.




Smoking aboard the ferry is strictly prohibited.




At certain stages of the tide, not all vehicles can access the ferry. We have clearance issues with some makes and models of vehicles, as well as some RV’s, boats and trailers. You must check with our personnel prior to boarding to ensure there will not be a problem with loading onto the ferry.

Please drive on and off the ferry slowly. Vehicles should not exceed 3 mph.

Walk-on passengers: please remain in the staging areas until given the signal to board/depart.

Upon boarding the ferry, please pay close attention to the pre-departure safety orientation.

Please turn off your vehicle engine, set your parking brake and remain with your vehicle until your toll has been collected.


Do not tamper with any lifesaving or emergency equipment.


Do not enter areas marked “Crew Only” or “Restricted Areas”.


Small children must be accompanied by a parent/guardian while on ferry decks at all times.


Please use caution when walking around the ferry as deck areas may become slippery when wet.


Please use the handrails when on the stairs and boarding ramps.


Please keep your hands clear of the railings during arrival and departure.


Swimming, diving and fishing is strictly prohibited aboard the ferry.


Motorcycle riders are required to remain with their motorcycle during the trip.


During rough or severe weather, passengers should remain in their vehicles.


Please do not stand between vehicles when the ferry is entering the landings.


Do not sit or climb on the ramps, railing and bulwarks.


No dogs may exit vehicles and be on the deck, except service dogs. They must be held. Note: Pedestrians who walk up with a dog on a short leash may stand at the back of the ferry away from other passengers if space allows. Large dogs (in the back of trucks) must be restrained or accompanied by owner.


No other animals are allowed on deck.


The following items are prohibited aboard the St. Johns River Ferry:
Hazardous materials (Title 49 CFR, Parts 170-180)

Explosives or incendiary devices (Title 33 CFR, Part 6)

Chemical, Biological or Radiological Agents or Devices (Title 33 CFR, Part 6)

Unlawful or Illegally Possessed Firearms (9.41 RCW)

Illegal Fireworks (70.77 RCW)

Acetylene Tanks




Passengers with disabilities or  special needs, should please contact the ferry in advance so vessel-parking accommodations can be made. For more information, please call (904) 241-9969.